10 Fun and Engaging Games to Play With Your Puppy

You’ve got a new puppy, and you’re eager to bond and have some fun. What’s next? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 engaging games that’ll not only entertain your furry friend but also help with their cognitive development. From the classic game of fetch to an exciting scent tracking challenge, you’ll find plenty of ideas to keep that tail wagging. Ready to get started? Let’s dive in and explore these playful activities together.

The Classic Game of Fetch

Why not start with the classic game of fetch, an activity that’s not only fun, but also helps in your puppy’s physical development? This game is a staple in the dog world, known for its simplicity and effectiveness. You throw an object, your puppy chases after it, picks it up, and brings it back to you. Sounds easy, right?

But there’s a lot more to this game than meets the eye. It’s an excellent way to teach your pup obedience and recall commands, not to mention it’s a great form of exercise. It can help strengthen your puppy’s muscles and improve cardiovascular health. Fetch can also stimulate your pup’s mind, keeping them mentally sharp.

You’ll need a suitable toy to play fetch. It should be something your puppy can easily pick up and carry, but not so small that it could be swallowed. Tennis balls, rubber bones, or dog-specific frisbees work great. Remember, always supervise your puppy during play to ensure safety. With patience and practice, your puppy will soon master the game of fetch, providing hours of entertainment and a bonding experience like no other.

Puppy Hide and Seek Adventure

Another game you’ll love to play with your puppy is a fun-filled hide and seek adventure. This game not only entertains your pup but also improves their mental agility. Plus, it’s a great way to reinforce the “stay” and “come” commands!

To start, have your puppy sit and stay. Then, find a hiding spot. Once hidden, call your puppy to “come.” The thrill of the hunt and the praise they’ll receive when they find you will have your pup excitedly participating. Remember, it’s important to choose hiding spots that challenge your pup but aren’t too difficult. You don’t want to discourage them or make the game too frustrating.

As your puppy gets better at the game, you can begin to hide in more complex locations. This will further stimulate their problem-solving skills and keep the game fun and exciting. You’ll be amazed at how quickly their ability to track and find you improves!

Puppy hide and seek adventure is a fantastic game that’s both fun and beneficial. It’s a game you can enjoy indoors or outdoors and it helps to build a strong bond between you and your puppy. So, why not start playing today? Your puppy will love it!

The Tug of War Challenge

A new puppy

One engaging game you’ll definitely want to introduce to your puppy is the classic Tug of War challenge. It’s not just a fun game, but it also helps develop your pup’s strength and coordination. Just ensure you’re using a soft rope that won’t hurt their teeth.

Here’s a quick guide on how to play:

Step Description
1 Start by showing your pup the rope. Let them sniff it and get familiar with it.
2 Gently wiggle the rope near your pup’s mouth to encourage them to bite it. As soon as they grab hold, you can start the “tug” part of the game.
3 Finally, let them win occasionally. This will help build their confidence and keep them motivated to play.

Be mindful not to pull too hard, as you don’t want to injure your puppy’s mouth or teeth. It’s a game, so keep it fun and light-hearted. If your pup seems uninterested or tired, stop and try again another time. Remember, the goal is to create a positive and engaging experience for your puppy.

Interactive Treat-Dispensing Games

You’ll find that interactive treat-dispensing games can offer both mental stimulation and rewarding fun for your pup. These games provide a great way to engage your puppy in play while also teaching them patience and problem-solving skills.

To get started, consider these three game options:

  • The Classic Kibble Drop: Fill a treat-dispensing toy with your pup’s kibble and watch as they learn to manipulate the toy to receive their reward. This game:
  • Improves your pup’s dexterity
  • Can slow down fast eaters
  • Provides a fun mealtime experience
  • The Puzzle Game: This involves a more complex toy where your pup must solve a puzzle to get the treat. This:
  • Increases their problem-solving skills
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Encourages focus and patience
  • The Treasure Hunt: Hide treats around your home or yard and let your pup find them. This game:
  • Enhances their scent tracking skills
  • Encourages explorative behavior
  • Provides physical exercise

Teaching Your Puppy to Chase Bubbles

A new puppy

Often, after mastering treat-dispensing games, it’s exciting to introduce your puppy to a captivating game of chasing bubbles. Not only is it a thrilling activity, but this game also serves as a great way to improve your pup’s agility, focus, and coordination.

To get started, you’ll need a bubble solution and a wand. It’s best to opt for pet-friendly bubbles that are non-toxic and safe for your puppy to chase, snap, and even ingest. You can find these in most pet stores or online.

Begin in a quiet and distraction-free space. Dip the wand into the bubble solution and gently blow to create a flurry of bubbles. Encourage your puppy to chase and pop them. Initially, your puppy may be hesitant. If this happens, pop a bubble with your hand and show your pup that it’s fun and harmless.

Gradually, your puppy will start to engage more, chasing the bubbles with enthusiasm. Remember to praise your puppy for their efforts to boost their confidence. Keep the sessions short and sweet to maintain your puppy’s interest.

Playing with bubbles is a fun, safe, and beneficial activity that you and your puppy will surely enjoy.

Puzzles to Stimulate Your Puppy’s Mind

After your puppy’s bubble-chasing adventure, it’s time to introduce mind-stimulating puzzle games. These games are not just fun, they’re also a great way to challenge your furry friend’s intellectual capabilities and keep them engaged.

Here are some puzzle games that you can consider:

  • Treat-Dispensing Toys: This type of puzzle game gradually releases treats as your puppy plays with it.
  • Some of the popular options include the Kong Classic and the Starmark Bob-a-Lot.
  • They’re ideal for keeping your puppy occupied, especially when you’re busy.
  • Interactive Puzzle Games: These are board-like puzzle toys with hidden compartments for treats.
  • Brands like Nina Ottosson offer various difficulty levels to challenge your puppy.
  • They’re great for enhancing your pup’s problem-solving skills.
  • Snuffle Mats: These are mats with hidden pockets where you can hide treats.
  • They stimulate your puppy’s sense of smell and are perfect for slowing down fast eaters.
  • They’re available in different sizes and designs to suit your pup’s preference.

The Water Bowl Ice Game

Next up is the Water Bowl Ice Game, a simple yet engaging way to keep your pup entertained and refreshed, especially on hot days. All you need for this game is your dog’s water bowl, some water, and a few ice cubes. It’s a straightforward game that’s not only fun but also a great way to help your puppy stay cool.

Start by filling the bowl with water. Then, toss in a couple of ice cubes. The cubes will float and move around on the surface of the water, attracting your puppy’s attention. They’ll likely start pawing at the cubes, trying to grab them, which will provide a good amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

The Water Bowl Ice Game is also a practical way to introduce your puppy to different temperatures and textures, which can be beneficial for their development. Plus, as they play, they’ll also be drinking more water, which is crucial for keeping them hydrated.

Try a Game of Puppy Soccer

A new puppy

If you’re looking for an energetic and engaging game, you’ll love playing a round of puppy soccer with your furry friend. This game isn’t just fun, it’s also a great way to train your puppy and build a strong bond.

Puppy soccer essentially involves getting your puppy to chase and push a ball with their nose or paws. But before you get started, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • You’ll need a ball that’s the right size for your puppy. Too big, and they won’t be able to interact with it properly. Too small, and they might accidentally swallow it.
  • A soft ball is preferable as it won’t hurt your puppy’s teeth or gums.
  • A ball with a squeaker can add an extra level of engagement.
  • Be patient with your puppy.
  • They might not understand the game right away, but with some encouragement, they’ll soon get the hang of it.
  • Remember to reward them with praise or treats to keep them motivated.
  • Make sure the playing area is safe.
  • Remove any hazardous objects that your puppy might run into.
  • If you’re playing outside, ensure the area is secure so your puppy can’t run off.

The Scent Tracking Game

Building on your puppy’s love for chasing things, you can also introduce them to a scent tracking game. This game is not only fun but also sharpens their sense of smell, which is a key trait in many breeds.

To start, pick a toy or treat that your pup is particularly fond of, and allow them to sniff it. Now, hide it somewhere within the room while they’re not looking. Make sure the hiding spot isn’t too difficult for the first few rounds. Then, encourage your puppy to find the object using their nose.

They might not get it right away, so don’t worry. Be patient, and guide them if needed. As they get better, you can make the game more challenging by hiding the object in different rooms or outside.

Remember to reward your puppy each time they find the object. This will not only reinforce the behavior but also make the game more exciting for them.

The scent tracking game is a fantastic way to engage your puppy mentally and physically. It’s a fun pursuit that can eventually lead to more advanced training, if you’re interested. Try it out and see how your puppy enjoys this new adventure.

Training With Obstacle Courses

Switch up the playtime routine by introducing your puppy to obstacle course training, a stimulating game that enhances their agility and obedience. This active play method not only provides mental stimulation, but also helps your puppy develop essential skills and commands.

Here’s a simple breakdown for setting up your very first puppy obstacle course:

  • Tunnels: Start by encouraging your puppy to go through a tunnel, which can be as simple as a large cardboard box.
  • Use treats or toys to coax them through.
  • Gradually increase the length as they become more comfortable.
  • Jumps: Next, introduce jumps using a broomstick or any low bar.
  • Start with the bar on the ground and gradually raise it as your puppy’s confidence grows.
  • Remember not to make it too high as this could injure your pup.
  • Weaves: Finish with a weave course using poles or cones.
  • Guide your puppy in and out of the poles using a leash.
  • Keep the poles wide apart initially, then gradually bring them closer together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Ensure That My Puppy Is Playing Safely During These Games?

Ensuring your puppy’s safety during play involves supervision, using appropriate toys, and keeping games calm. Don’t allow rough play and always check for any signs of discomfort. It’s about fun, not causing distress.

What Are Some Signs That My Puppy Is Getting Too Tired or Overwhelmed During a Game?

If your pup’s panting heavily, refusing to play, or hiding, they’re likely tired or overwhelmed. Also, look for a decrease in coordination, which could indicate they’re too exhausted to continue safely.

Can These Games Be Played With Other Pets or Should They Be Played One-On-One With the Puppy?

Sure, you can play these games with other pets. However, it’s beneficial to have one-on-one sessions with your puppy, too. It helps build a stronger bond and allows focused training without any distractions.

How Can I Incorporate Training Commands Into These Games?

You can incorporate training commands into games by using them as cues for actions. For instance, say “fetch” when throwing a toy, or “sit” before giving a treat. Always reward positive responses immediately.

What Should I Do if My Puppy Shows No Interest in These Games?

If your pup’s not showing interest, don’t stress. You’ve got to be patient. Try different games or toys. Maybe they’re tired or not feeling well. If disinterest continues, consider a vet check to rule out health issues.


These ten games are perfect for stimulating your puppy’s mind and keeping them active. They’ll help strengthen your bond, improve their cognitive abilities, and keep them happy. So, whether you’re playing tug of war, hiding treats, or trying out puppy soccer, there’s something here for every pup. Remember, keep it fun and positive, and you’ll have a joyful, well-adjusted dog in no time. Now go ahead, start playing, and make some unforgettable memories with your furry friend.