How to get rid of pet’s bad breath?

Do you know your dog’s bad breath can be a symptom of a disease? Yes! A dog’s bad breath smells very awkward that makes you stay away from your loving dog. There can be a hundred reasons but the most common among dogs is due to disease. But you do not have to worry about that because we will tell you how to shorten your distances from your dog due to its bad breath smell.

First of all, we will discuss the different diseases that cause bad breath in dogs. So, let’s have a look at them.

Diseases that cause bad breath smell in dogs:

You need to get yourself aware of the different issues behind malodorous dogie breath smell.

Here are some diseases that can make your dog’s breath smell unhealthy.

Oral hygiene and periodontal disease

The disease is the disease of gums causing the foul smell in the mouth and makes your dog’s teeth unhealthy. This disease arises due to the unhealthy mouth care and unhygienic conditions of dental instruments such as toothbrushes or local toothpaste. This all leads to the production of plaque and tartar around gums that cause bacteria to live there, due to which unhealthy smell is generated in a dog’s mouth. Too much plaque and tartar production lead to cavities, infections, gums bleeding, tooth destruction and even tooth loss. All this happens due to plaque and tartar that is the result of unhygienic oral activities. 

Foul dietary activities

Manners also play a vital role in producing bad breath smell in your dog mouth. If your dog is used to getting into garbage in search of food or due to bad habits then this leads to malodorous smell in your dog’s breathe. When your dog will spread the garbage with its mouth then it leads to the transfer of dirty bacteria and viruses in its mouth. The foul odor of garbage cause foul smell in its mouth. This also leads to gums swelling and other critical diseases of the mouth. Therefore you should teach your dog how to behave with things. This can vanish bad breath smell in a dog’s mouth.


It is not only affecting human beings but the pets also. If you feel the sweet or fruity smell in your dog’s bad breath then this is the symptom of Diabetes. This is a critical but still treatable disease. In such a case, you should concern with your Veterinary Doctor. The signs of fruity smell in dog’s breath, over drinking and urination, leads to diabetes. You should take an appointment with the veterinarian to get your dog to examine regularly.

Kidney disease

Your dog eats biscuits or poop then it will smell like poop. But if it smells like urine then obviously it has not drunk the urine. The smell of urine in a dog’s bad breath is a clear symptom of kidney disease in your dog. This disease is very critical and can be a bridge for other more critical diseases to arrive and affect your dog. Once you have smelled urine in your dog’s breath immediately consult to a veterinarian.

Liver disease

Lack of appetite, tinge to gums, and clear malodorous smell are the crystal clear symptoms of Liver disease. Like kidney diseases, Liver disease can also lead to serious failures and damage to your dog’s life and health. In such symptoms hire a veterinary doctor on an emergency basis.

how to get rid of pet’s bad breath?

Bad breath

We have discussed main issues that create bad breath in your dog’s smell. To know how to resolve these issues is very important to know about the causes. Here we will tell you how you can resolve such problems to make your doggie’s breath pleasant. 

As the humans brush their teeth daily to have healthy teeth and appreciable smell, dogs also need to brush. This sounds a little awkward but it is true. You should brush your dog’s teeth daily and for the best result twice a day. By brushing the teeth your dog will remain protected from plaque tartar and periodontal disease. These three things are the main source of bad breath in dogs. If you make the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth daily you diminish 90% chances of your dog to have bad breath.

Like human doctors pets also need medical care and treatment. You should take your dog at least once in a year to a veterinarian. There you should do all the medical tests that approve your dog as a healthy and caretaking dog. So, concern with a veterinary doctor for proper health maintenance of your pet.

There are many products available in the market that are very good at removing bad smell from your dog’s breath. For example, Dog chews stick toothbrush, Dental sticks, pet smile professional pet toothpaste, etc. Use these kinds of products to get rid of the bad breath smell of your dog. Give your dog something pleasant in smell to chew. This will greatly reduce the bad breath smell of your dog.