How To Groom A Black Chow Chow Dog?

black chow chow is a sturdy and arctic type of dog. It is an animal with heavy bones and medium in size. However, it is an ancient breed of northern Chinese origin. This sturdy dog is playing roles in making companionships with their master in ring shows performed in circuses. He purely looks like a loin. The most breeds come in five colors such as blue, black, red cinnamon, and cream. He has a blue or black tongue. Their coats of body depend upon the atmosphere sometimes it’s rough and sometimes it turns into smooth.

We found this animal in Chinese origin but its real breeding origin is not confirmed yet. These dogs are used for hunting, pulling, herding, and protection of the homes. Black chow chow is right devoted to the family environment, he is a reserved and disconcert with strangers. Their personality more looks like a loin or a cat and this thing makes them independent, less eager and stubborn. They need urgent socialization and training; sometimes they require small exercises to make themselves active. Black Chow chow needs regular grooming and bathing to maintain its double coated skin.

Black Chow comes in 2 kinds of varieties. Rough and Smooth are the main categories of their skin types. Both kinds of bodies are double coated with fluffy hairs. Their hairs require much attention to maintain and groom. If we talk about their cleanliness then we must keep in mind to clean their ears and hairs first. Black chows have eyes problem because they get flushed while giving a bath. Their ears need more cleanliness than their paws or legs. Their eyes should be clean and flushed with a special kind of Opt soothe wash, so that their eyes never feel any kind of irritation.

Black chow’s Paws Balm is easily available in the market or you can easily approach it on online pet shopping websites. Use an antiseptic soap or wash to kill their germs inside their hairs. They will feel fresh and active when they enjoy a good caring bath.

Grooming of a black chow chow

What things will we need to groom?

We will need following things to groom the black chow chow:

  • Slicker or steel pin brush
  • Comb
  • Shredding blade
  • Pet baby oil

These things will provide you some help to improve the grooming of a black chow. We will use these things in following way:

  • Use a slicker or a steel pin to brush their hairs of legs
  • They need brushing almost every day so use slicker of good quality or you can use steel pin also
  • First start brushing from the base of their bodies
  • When chow starts growing then use a metal comb to groom his body
  • Before brushing must use a sprinkle of water through a spray bottle and spray on his whole furry hairs
  • Never brush their hairs when they are dry
  • Use a sleek blade to cut their unused and dead hairs

If you are not able or very good to grooming your chow chow yourself then you take it to the professional groomer so that he can do its grooming in the best possible way as well as carefully.