How To Groom A Yorkie Dog At Home?

Yorkshire dogs are very beautiful and it is really easy to groom them. How to groom a yorkie is no more a problem now. They have got amazing coats and the silky look of their coats is appraised by the people who have them. What you need to do is to take care of this special dog all the time. It is not good to groom it once in a blue moon. Pets need your attention all the time that is why they need to be groomed from time to time.

Here are few tips regarding how to groom a yorkie. These tips will help you a lot but you have to be a good care taker of your puppy.

  • The first step in this regard is the shampoo and conditioning of your dog. Put him in the sink and wash him with warm water. Moisturize his coat with a conditioner. This will help to brush the hair of the Yorkie puppy firmly without even teasing him. It will also help in avoid tearing of the hair. Make sure that you do all this procedure very gently. Put the water in slow motion to avoid shampoo in the eyes. Dry the dog with the help of the dryer. Make it dry by outing the dryer at the coolest point because too much heat can hurt your dog.
  • Now start brushing the hair of your dog. There is a rubber back brushes available in the market. You can use them to brush the hair of the dog. Divide the sections of the coat. In this way, it will be easier for you as well as for the Yorkie. Brush in the direction of the coat. If you will go against them, then the hair will be tangled.
  • Comb the face of the dog properly again by using a rubber based brush. Pay attention if the dog is moving. Give it a break so that you cannot accidentally hurt his eyes during the comb. Comb the ears as well.
  • Brush the teeth of your dog on a regular basis. At least once a day brush the teeth of your puppy.
  • Give bath on a daily basis so that the dog remains healthy and clean.
  • When you are done with the bath and comb, you can try several yorkie hair cuts on your pooch every time. These haircuts can be done by yourself or you can take the help of some professional.
  • Clip the nails of your dog with the help of the clippers. Cut the tip of the nail and make sure not to deeply cut the nails. This process can hurt them.
  • Tweeze the extra hair from the ears of the dog. It improves the air circulation and thus ear infections can be avoided. Also clean the inner part of the dog’s ear. You can use a cotton ball to clean this part of the ear.

These easy steps can help you a lot in grooming yorkie puppy at home in the best possible ways.