How to clean dogs ears yourself ?

Maintaining the health of your dog requires significant effort and dedication. Ensuring cleanliness is paramount, as failure to do so can expose your furry friend to a plethora of life-threatening diseases. The cleaning process involves hair trimming, nail clipping, regular baths, and brushing of hair and teeth. If you’re uncertain about how to keep your dog’s ears clean, here are some simple steps to guide you.

Why is it essential to keep your dog’s ears clean? The length of a dog’s ear canal is approximately 5-10 cm, which makes it hard for anything that enters the ear to come out. If your dog takes a dip in a swimming pool, water can remain trapped in their ear canal, leading to severe ear infections.

To ensure your dog’s ears remain healthy, keep in mind two crucial things. Firstly, if your dog is a regular swimmer, clean their ears after every swim. Secondly, if your dog has a history of ear infections or skin allergies, clean their ears regularly. While veterinarians recommend cleaning your dog’s ears once a week, dogs with sensitive ears may require cleaning two or three times a week.

dog's ears clean

Things you’ll need for cleaning your dogs ears:

  • Cotton wool
  • Ear cleaner
  • Some goodies or toys to make your dog comfortable

How to clean your dogs ears:

  • Call your dog near you and offer him some goodies or a toy to help him relax.
  • Show him the ear cleaner so that he understands what you’re going to do.
  • Fill the required amount of ear cleaner inside the dog’s ears, being careful to handle the ear delicately and hold the cleaner tube in a vertical position.
  • Gently insert your hand inside the upper part of the ear canal and massage the cleaner on the walls of the canal and on the outer portion of the ear.
  • Massage the ear for around 20 to 30 seconds, and then step back because your dog will shake his head to remove the cleaner.
  • Clean the outer portion and opening of the ear with cotton wool.

This is all how to clean a dog’s ears. Afterwards when you have completed the whole ear cleaning procedure, don’t forget to reward your dog with a goody or any other gift because it will encourage him to remain calm the next time he will have his ears clean.