How To Give A Dog A Pill?

When you have a pet dog and he gets sick then you are in trouble because it is not easy to give a dog a pill or medicine. Sometimes, it is not easy to get your pet to take the medicines but no need to worry about it. There are different ways for how to give a dog a pill, you only just take some time to configure the right time or chance for making your loved one eat the medicine pill.

Methods to follow
  • Hide the pill
  • Crush the pill
  • Push it in his mouth

Hide the pill

One of the good ways to give a dog a pill is through hiding a pill in the food. For this purpose, you must make sure some things so that your dog eats it easily. For example:

Get his favorite food

"Keeping Your Pet Healthy -Understanding Dog Food Allergies - Mix the medicine"

Get some food for your dog but make sure it is according to his taste and healthy for him during the sickness otherwise it can make the situation worse. This tip is best in case your dog swallows the food without chewing it and you make sure that when you give pill by using this technique, the pill is covered under the food so that it does not fall out. If it is not possible, then there are pill pockets in the markets which most of the veterinarian suggest for giving medicine to the pet.

Crush the pill

Crushing pill for the sick dog is another way to make him eat the pill. Giving the crushed pill directly will vomit him because the taste would not be bearable. You have to follow the below method to give your dog the crushed pill.

Mix the medicine in the food

This is a wise way of giving medicine to the dog. Crush the medicine with a clean crusher with hands covered with gloves and mix it in the food of your dog. If the medicine is in the form of capsule then the material can be taken out by puncturing the capsule and if the medicine is in liquid form then mix it in some sweet liquid like milk so that the taste will not remain bitter him. If the medicine have coating then do not crush it, ask the veterinarian to do something make the dog eat it or give a substitute of it.

Push the pill

Pushing the pill means make the dog eat the medicine forcefully. Well, sometime it is not a good idea but in some cases we have to apply this method.

Forcing dog to swallow

This option is available when no other option is left. Make the dog eat the medicine by forcing him. Open the mouth of your dog, it will feel extreme to do but you have to do it for making it recover from sickness as early as possible. Open his jaws from back side of his mouth with one hand. Well, it would be better to take help of someone while doing this forceful act. After you opened his mouth take the medicine and make it swallowed by throwing it in his mouth.