How to prevent pet allergies?

If you are a pet lover and you are allergic to some of them then a question arises in your mind that how to reduce pet allergies. Pets can be very good friends of yours but sometimes these pets become the cause of your allergy to pets. Naturally, pets shed dander which is a combination of dead skin cells and hairs that can give rise to different types of pet allergies. If you still want to keep it at your place then create an allergy friendly environment.

Causes of pet allergies

If the presence of your beloved pet is becoming the cause of your sickness, then you are not alone in who suffers from this allergy. There are up to 30% of people suffer from a pet allergy. Pets from which you can get allergic include dogs, cats, rodents and even cows can be an allergen to you. People mostly think that the pet’s hairs are the cause of allergy but it’s not the actual case. It is a little bit more complicated case than you think. In reality, the secretion of protein glands and released with your dog’s dander and its saliva are the main reasons.

Symptoms of pet allergies

When you want to know how to prevent pet allergies, firstly you must know what are the symptoms of the allergy to that pet. Sometimes the symptoms of allergy do not pop up early because antibodies take time to show their reaction. When the allergen starts showing their reaction you may suffer from skin redness, sneezing, asthma and many more symptoms can occur in different situations. Pet allergy is sometime transferred to the child as well.

How to prevent the symptoms of allergy?

  • When you are allergic to any particular pet and still you want to keep it at your home then specify a place for your pet and try to restrict it to that area of your place.
  • The place where your pet mostly stays should have a little furniture and the area should be without carpet.
  • No matter how much you love your pet, never let it stay in your bedroom or bathroom as well.
  • Wash the covers and sheets at least twice a week with warm hot water to keep the healthy environment for yourself.
  • Regularly clean up the area where your pet sleeps and plays by yourself or better to ask someone to do it for you. And if you want to clean it up by yourself then use a face mask before starting the cleaning process.
  • Use filters to clean pet allergens from the air. The pet allergens are of very tiny size which can hang in air. Different kinds of filters are available easily in the markets.
  • Give a proper bath to your pet after every week or twice in a week.
  • Use HEPA air cleaners to calm the environment of your room and overall home.

Always choose an allergy-free pet

If you are a true pet lover and you are allergic too then go and look for furless, hairless animals that do not shed dander because most of the people suffer from it due to dander