How To Know If You’re Allergic To Cats?

Allergies in human beings from pets are quite a common thing, allergies from their fur is not a new thing. Allergies caused by cats are more common in individuals who already have other allergies as well, especially asthma. A lot of the people all around the globe have different allergies and these allergies have more severe reactions caused by the cat allergies.

There are different types of pet allergies and they are caused by different pets as dog allergies are also common but cat allergies is double as compared to the dog allergies. These allergies can strike anyone; anywhere as it does not require any specific age or time.

Most of the individuals who have pet allergies are also sensitive to molds and pollens as well. The main reasons of allergies are genetics; most allergies are caused by inheritance as if your parents have some sort of allergies, so there are chances that you will have them. Here is more information about how to know if you’re allergic to cats?

allergic to cats

Symptoms of cat allergies

Individuals who have any sort of allergy are aware of the fact that they can have an allergy from anything, individuals who don’t have other allergies often confuses the symptoms of pet allergies with normal cold and flu etc. The difference between normal allergies and pet allergies is a big one that if you keep yourself away from the pets all the allergies will disappear while the cases with other allergies are different. Symptoms of cat allergies include the following things:

  • Constant coughing when a cat is around
  • Constant sneezing
  • Itching all over the body
  • Stuffy nose
  • Redness on the body parts if a cat has touched
  • Itchiness in the eyes and redness in the eyes
  • Rashes over the face

Tips to keep allergies away

  • Wash your hands repeatedly in a day, especially if you have touched the pet or any of items belongs to him/her
  • Never let your pet enter your bedroom
  • Use electric heaters and install an air cleaner that suits you
  • Get your pet bathed every week
  • Do not let your pet sit on your furniture
  • Use allergy reducing sprays on your pet
  • Feed your pet with high quality food and supplements as well rather than low quality food
  • Consult the symptoms with the doctor on regular basis
  • Take regular medications

Test for checking out if you are allergic to cats

Skin test and blood tests is the most used test for checking out allergies. Sometimes allergy tests do not provide accurate result to the doctors, so doctors also recommend the individuals to live without cats for some time to see how it affects the allergies or does it cause any difference to your symptoms or not.

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How to know if you’re allergic to cats is not hard, just check out for the symptoms to see if the cat is the reason of any allergy.