Know What Sleeping Dogs Feel You

Pets are the best companions of humans, they are better than human companions in many cases. Whether a person is single or whether is in a bad relationship, dogs can always be there for you. Some people have allergies from pets with hair on their body like dogs; they should not keep a pet in their bedroom or sleep with them for avoiding the health issues. Sleeping with a dog is good in many ways but it is bad as well. Sleeping with your dog, good or bad is something that everyone should know.

Here are some of the good things about sleeping with sleeping dogs:

Feeling safe

Dogs can make us feel safe when they are sleeping with us; they bring us feeling of safety and make us calm. If someone feels afraid at night, they best way to feel secured is to sleep with a pet dog. They also lessen the chance of theft when around.

Reduces anxiety

Dogs are known as the best remedy to release anxiety, for the people who have anxiety disorders sleeping with the dogs is a great option. They can make the humans calm, so sleeping with your dog and sharing the bed with them can help a lot in sleeping better.

Provides warmness

Dogs give warmness, snuggling up with a dog in the cold weather is a good choice. The temperature of the body of a dog is three to six degrees higher than a human, sharing bed with them eliminates the need of blanket as they can give warmness to you. Pillow and blankets are warm and cozy but still they can’t compete with the warmness a dog can offer to the human.

Lessens insomnia

Dogs help us a lot in relaxing and they are highly recommended to the people who have insomnia, they can help humans sleep better. For people suffering from the health problem known as insomnia, sleeping with the dog is the best remedy.

Some of the bad things that can be caused by sleeping with the dogs are:

Create disturbance

They can disturb your sleep as they walk, snooze and play at night. They do all the activities without knowing that others are sleeping. Sleeping with a dog can sometimes become dangerous as well because they can do a lot of activities at night that can be severely harmful.

Cause allergies

People who have allergies are strictly warned that they shouldn’t keep their pets in their bedrooms, they should have filter and should never let their dog sleep with them.


People should avoid sleeping with the dogs in a closed room as they can poop anywhere anytime which is health damaging and unhygienic. No matter if the pets are trained, they still do things which are totally unacceptable.

Before you think to sleep with your dog, you must consider all the above mentioned things. Knowing all the pros and the cons, one can decide himself that is sleeping with your dog, good or bad?