Dog Scared of Fireworks? Top 3 Home Remedies

Some pet dogs have no problem with the loud noises such as the noise of fireworks and some are even afraid of their sight. Dogs are afraid of these kinds of things usually because they are not used to it, days on which people celebrate events with fireworks are stressful for the dogs. For dogs, getting scared from loud noises is not a rare thing as the loud noises of fireworks trigger the nervous system of the dogs and this makes them afraid. The experience of hearing the noise of firework is different for dogs than hearing the usual loud sounds; fireworks are louder than anything else for them as they are closer to the ground. The sound of the fireworks is more vibrant and the sudden flashes are so heart wrenching for them.

Dog scared of fireworks? 3 Effective Home Remedies are as follows:


Communication is the most effective thing and the best home remedy. If you would be there with your dog at the timing of fireworks, then sending calm messages to the dog through communication would be very effective. It will help your dog in relaxing a lot and will be best for better bonding between the two. As human beings communicate with each other through words; dog also communicate but they communicate more through energy. The best example of this is that if you are less excited about the firework, then your dog will also be.


Some dogs get too much afraid easily; if your dog is also one of them, then the best thing you can do is to give them medicine that can calm down the dog. You can get the best one by consulting the doctor; the firework can make the dog anxious, so for calming the dog down you can also use thunder shirt. Different medicines are available for these purposes which can do a great job.


The best thing that you can do as an effective home remedy is the preparation to place your dog somewhere that the dog can’t listen when it starts. Arrange some place where the dog is safe and where the sound won’t be that loud. You can also send your dog somewhere else, if you have an event at your place. If the place is new for your dog; start taking him/her few days before the event, so at the very day the place would not be new for the dog.

a dog is barking

One should always take care of their pets because not only dogs; but most of the cats also do not like loud noises, firework and voices of thunderstorms. The celebrative nights of humans are sometimes a night of horror for them, so always make sure that when such night is there, your pets are comfortable.

You know what your dog is scared of, is your dog scared of fireworks? 3 effective home remedies are mentioned above which will prove great in making the dogs comfortable.