My cat lost her voice: Possible reasons and treatments!

If humans get sick then they can explain the symptoms of their disease to the doctor but if animals get sick then the things get a little sensitive because animals, unlike human beings are not able to explain their physical condition or their symptoms properly to their doctors or owners. If something goes wrong with your pet then naturally you will get little over-cautious; almost every pet owner is very touchy about his pets. Most of the times, you see a cat-owner complaining that his cat lost her voice simultaneously and don’t know how to cure it. 

Below mentioned guidelines are going to inform you about the possible reasons for the voice-loss of a cat and the possible treatments for it.

Most probable causes of the voice-loss of a cat:

There are many probable causes for the voice-loss issue of your cat, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Sometimes, the voice-loss or voice change issue of cats happens due to the growth. Most of the people doubt it to be throat cancer which is also getting quite common in cats. These growths are developed on the vocal cords of cats but these can also develop on the other places inside the throat. If you register the symptoms of changed sound, loss of voice or hoarseness in your cat’s voice then most probably these are the symptoms of growth. Cats with tumor growth inside their throats are also increasing nowadays. If you notice the above mentioned symptoms in your cats then you must immediately consult a veterinary doctor for the possible treatment. Most of the doctors are going to check your cat’s throat after putting it down with anesthesia. Most of the times this issue is treated with medicines but sometimes surgery is the only option.
  • Sometimes, your cat might also lose her voice due to any throat infection. Upper respiratory infection is one of the main causes of the voice-loss. Voice-loss takes place due to laryngitis. The major causes of upper respiratory infection include feline calicivirus and herpes. If you register the symptoms of sneezing, running nose, watery eyes, and sore throat then this truly points towards a throat infection. If the cat is behaving normally otherwise and takes her usual diet then you don’t need to rush her towards any sort of medical treatment; just taking extra care of her health would be sufficient. But if the cat has stopped eating, and you see a yellowish-green discharge from her nose or eyes then you need to immediately rush her to the vet. The possible treatment for such condition is antibiotics.
  • Your cat might be losing her voice due to the effects of Laryngeal Paralysis. Laryngeal Paralysis ends in nerve damage that ends in the loss of voice. You might register some other symptoms apart from the loss of voice including severe coughing, irritation in swallowing food, weight loss, breathing issues, etc. As this paralysis also involves the breathing difficulties for your cat so you must see the vet immediately in order to get your cat healthy again.
cat lost her voice

If your cat is showing loss of voice or hoarseness then you must keep a close eye on your cat so you can treat the issue on time in order to prevent your cat’s health from permanent damage.