Why my dog’s nose is always wet?

The sense of sight plays an important role in humans, so we humans can understand or detect things better with the help of visual data. Dog brains are just the contrary; they depend on what the dog smells more than what he sees as it’s clear from the fact that the specific part of the canine brain, specialized for odor detection is 40 percent larger than that in humans. Perhaps the sense of smell of dogs is better than many other pets and even better than humans as their nasal cavity has 100 million sensory receptors as compared to only 6 million in human beings that clearly depict their amazing sense of smell. According to research, dogs can detect the odor 1000 to 10,000 times better than humans. That’s why trained dogs are used in many fields like the crime investigation department due to their outstanding sense of smell. But hey, what happens if you enter your home and got your favorite pillow wet by the runny nose of your dear dog. It seems disgusting. Have you ever thought why dogs’ noses are wet? Your nose works flawlessly fine dry, so what’s up with their sniffers? There are many reasons for those wet noses. Let us find out what are the reasons for a dog’s runny nose.

Inborn characteristic

Some dog breeds always have a wet nose because they are born this way. It means that they characteristically have a wet or watery nose as compared to others. So there’s no worry about it.

Wet nose works better

When your pup tries to locate some specific smell, they develop a thin layer of mucus in their nose all around the nostrils that help them in identifying the smell, of course in a better way.

A strategy to cool down

Usually, people think that dogs cool down by panting only, but they cool down them through many other strategies like sweating and urinating frequently. One of them is wetting their nose. Yes, a runny or wet nose helps them release their heat effectively. So it’s an excellent cooldown strategy.

Frequent licking

Dogs usually lick their noses frequently, that’s why they are wet. They tend to lick their noses as they get dirty easily when they are eating food. Moreover, their noses get dry and desiccated and may cause irritation in summer, therefore they do lick them regularly to keep them wet and comfortable. Thirdly, they also lick their noses to taste out the mucus so that the olfactory glands present in their mouth can get an idea about the chemical scent in it.

Picking up the moisture

Dogs usually sniff all around by shoving their head into grasses, leaves, ponds, mud, etc. Actually, they tend to absorb moisture from the atmosphere to keep them wet.

What to do if my pet has an overly wet nose?

As it’s evident that a wet nose works better than a dry nose because easily scent particles stick to wet surfaces easily but if your pet has an overabundant discharge of thick or discolored mucus, then it’s the time to call the vet. It may be kept in mind that a healthy pet is one having a healthy respiratory system and any abnormality in the mucus secretion alarms that there may be some respiratory issues.

But one thing is obvious that the clear mucus is normal and there is nothing to worry about it.