What is a perfect age for a puppy to go into a new home?

There is a lot of discussion on that topic and many veterinarians and dog breeders gave different opinions. So, what is a perfect age for a puppy to go into a new home? The prime time which is considered best according to opinions of the veterinarians is 7 to 8 weeks. Moreover, in this article, you will be able to get complete details about fear periods, socialization periods and behavior of the puppy.

Factors for the decision to send a puppy into a new home

A new home

The chief factor which you have to consider or pay attention to is the socialization period. Usually, this period can take from 6 to 12 months. If the puppy reaches at that time, it is best to shift it into the new home. The vital reason is this is the best time when a puppy can easily adapt to the new environment. At around 7-8 weeks, the first behavioral fear period in puppies started to develop. So, to send it in to a new home at this time will lead to building resiliency to innovative things or experiences. 

Ways of controlling the fear and socialization period of puppies

Most of the time, puppies take longer to adjust to the new environment. Mainly, they get trained at 12 weeks of age. In this manner, it is necessary for the breeders to coach their clients. A supportive approach of breeders towards the coach in these early weeks will lead a puppy into a behaviorally healthy dog. 

So, there are some ways to boost puppies in the right direction at an early age.

  • Train a puppy for wearing a collar and leash.
  • Make a habit of puppies of feeding into separate bowls.
  • Try to give them positive exposure for various people, locations, surfaces, and even sounds.
  • Crate training is the chief thing that proves helpful for a young puppy to shift into a new home with confidence.
  • Try to learn the basic obedience skills to your puppy also at an early age.
  • To refrain a puppy from car sickness, take it with yourself into the car for 2 to 3 times a week.
  • In a fear period of a puppy, try that a puppy stays in the comfort of the litter.

Things to avoid at an early age of puppy

At an early age of the puppy, avoid too much sheltering as it leads to apprehension or anxiousness in a puppy. Go for a morning walk with the puppy so, he gets the chance to meet new people. The ability to adapt to new situations, new things, and a new environment can also be improved by doing these sorts of little things.


To separate a puppy from the mother dog at an early age will lead to serious drastic effects. During the first two weeks, a puppy is unable to hear and see. It is completely dependent on the mother dog. So, for good traits and habits, it is necessary that a puppy should stay from 8 to 12 weeks with their mother.